Atlas (Pamela Geller) Strongly Endorses Pantano

By Staff on September 14, 2010

By Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Looking around at the smoldering ruins of the political landscape of this once-great nation, it is critical that we choose great Americans who are capable of taking back this great republic, cleaning out the rot and restoring America. Ilario Pantano is that. I love him. He is the right man at the right time. Unafraid, clear and principled. Good men running for government do exist.

Watch Pantano's brilliant and moving speech at our historic Rally of Remembrance on September 11th. If you want to contribute to his campaign (and you should), go here. North Carolina Atlas readers, volunteer! Do it.

“I wanted to be here not only to show my personal opposition, but to give a voice to all of those across the 7th District who are disturbed by this but couldn’t be here today,” Pantano said.

Wilmington, NC:  Ilario Pantano, Republican nominee for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District, traveled with his family to New York over the weekend to participate in Saturday’s rally against the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. 

Pantano chose to participate in the rally to stand up for citizens across North Carolina’s 7th District who in Pantano’s travels across the district have told him they were sickened by the thought of the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. “My family and I traveled from our home in North Carolina to stand shoulder to shoulder in objection to this thinly veiled effort at marking Muslim conquest,” Pantano said.

“Unlike my opponent, who has stayed quiet about the Mosque while his boss, Speaker Pelosi, has called for an investigation into those who are funding the opponents of the Mosque,” Pantano continued, “I wanted to be here not only to show my personal opposition, but to give a voice to all of those across the 7th District who are so disturbed by this but couldn’t be here today.”

In his speech Saturday, Pantano said: “… Why? On 9/11 it wasn’t New York that was attacked, it was America that was attacked. It was freedom that was attacked. And we can’t forget - not only what happened, not only the murderous intent that killed 3,000 Americans - we can’t forget for a moment that they wanted to kill 50,000 Americans, or maybe 100,000 Americans. … We can’t forget that since those attacks, hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world have been killed by jihadists, in the name of radical Islam. From Egypt to Bali, from Baghdad to Kabul, no one can forget there was a car bomb here in Times Square six months ago. Folks, if you think this is over, it’s just beginning.… So what’s my opinion about a mosque at Ground Zero? NO MOSQUE HERE.”

Pam Geller, Conservative activist and blogmaster of the blog Atlas Shrugs, organized the event.  Geller had the following to say about Pantano’s speech and his participation in the rally: “One of the highlights of our 9/11 Rally of Remembrance was the fiercely righteous, fearless truth teller Ilario Pantano. His courage and willingness to tell the truth about issues the mainstream media dubs "controversial" shows that the old guard is done. It is politicians with political courage like Ilario Pantano who actually speak for the people. And they are few. Pantano is one of them. If you don't know him, you should. Contribute to his campaign, volunteer, get out the vote. Our nation depends on it.”

Describing the rally, Pantano said “Thousands of families from across the country converged at Ground Zero to honor the memory of the fallen and to stand united in their objection to this grossly insensitive Cordoba Mosque (to be located in a building struck by the landing gear of one of the hijacked planes). Nine years after 9/11 it is critical to remember that we continue to wage a global fight against Islamic extremists that have killed hundreds of thousands of innocents around the world: from Egypt to London, from Baghdad to Fort Hood. This long war on Islamic extremism is far from over and we must continue to stand vigilant. We must Never Forget. I will never forget.”


Watch Pantano's riveting speech.