911 Ground Zero Mosque Rally

By Ilario Pantano on August 15, 2010

Pantano, Bolton, Gingrich, Wilders, Berntsen, Breitbart

Stand up and join us at our FDI/SIOA 911 rally against the Ground Zero mega mosque on September 11th at 2pm at Park Place between Church and West Broadway.

Photo credit:  Pamela Gellar, Atlas Shrugs; Photo from June 6th protest

I am on the confirmed list of speakers joining Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller at the FDI/SIOA demonstration on September 11th at 2pm:

911 WTC families

Ambassador John Bolton

Newt Gingrich

Geert Wilders, Dutch Parliamentarian

NY Senator Candidate Gary Berntsen

Jordan Sekulow (ACLJ)

Pete King (invited)

Michael Grimm Staten Island House of Representatives, 911 First Responder

Andrew Breitbart

Ilario Pantano,  North Carolina Congressional Candidate

Join the largest Caravan in America coming cross-country to 9-11 Rally.

For those of you who do not use Facebook and want to join a carpool and the Caravan, send your info to starsandstripescaravan@yahoo.com. Give your name/email/state & city you are coming from. Include how many seats you need. Also let them know if you can help with gas/food etc… One of the admins of their group will post your need/ ability to help and get back to you.