10 Things YOU Can Do...

By Staff on April 8, 2010

...that don't cost a thing, or take much time!

Updated for the 2012 election!

We have compiled a quick list of ten things you can do to support the Pantano campaign from your own home, and GUESS WHAT?! - they won't cost you a thing, or take up much of your time. In fact, some of these are so easy, we're a little embarrassed to suggest them to Ilario's hard-charging supporters! We know how you guys appreciate a challenge.

However, there are a lot of new political actives out there - regular folks who are determined to get involved and be heard! They know all the races in 2012 are critical to turning back an aggressively Leftist agenda. We welcome you to our ranks, folks!

So for everyone out there, politically experienced or not, here are a few things to get you ramped up...

1. image Join the campaign's Facebook page. This may seem like a small thing, but this social networking tool is crucial to reaching voters in NC-7 and supporters around the country. When you join the page, you can help us spread the word about events, news, and invite others to join.

2. image Follow Ilario on Twitter. Twitter is updated regularly throughout the day. It's another chance for Ilario to interact one-on-one with folks, share news, and spread the word about his platform and his stand on the issues. Tweet and retweet Ilario's comments!

3. Set the campaign website to be one of your homepages in your browser. Every time your browser automatically opens our page, it helps boost our search engine rankings. Click a few times throughout the site and help out even more! The site is updated daily, so be sure to check in every day to see where Ilario is and what events are coming up.

*This step is crucial.  In 2010, DailyKos led a Googlebomb (an SEO attack to manipulate Google search results) so that negative propaganda is the first thing people see on Google results pages when they search for information about Ilario.  With the proliferation of anonymous attacks sites, sponsored by the NC Democratic Party, we need to take this electronic high ground.

4.If you haven't already, join the mailing list. We won't spam you (we only email once a week, or twice if we have some really Big News!), and our newsletter folks sometimes get the scoop before anyone else! 

5. Remind folks everywhere that they don't have to live in NC-7 to support a conservative candidate for Congress! This race in North Carolina is about solidifying the new Republican majority in 2012.  Blue Dog Democrats have been rejected and marginalized by their own party!  North Carolina needs stronger representation, and it starts in District 7!

6. Invite more folks contribute online - not just NC folks, but everyone who supports replacing Democrats with conservatives!

7. Write letters to the editor and submit for publication in news outlets around the district. You can see the most recent examples in our Letters to the Editor section. To be included, please send your letter to info@pantanoforcongress.com

8. Leave upbeat and positive comments on any article you read about the congressional race. We need vocal and positive support to combat the negativity our detractors so avidly plant out there.

9. When it gets closer to the election, and if you live in NC-7, plant a sign in your yard! You can buy some right here on the website for free shipping to your residence.

10. Let your favorite bloggers know about Pantano's campaign.We LOVE bloggers! We know how crucial they have become to this democratic process and we would be honored to have their support and attention! Take the milbloggers at Blackfive, for instance. Over the years, they have supported us through thick and thin, and we can't thank them enough.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the campaign  at info@pantanoforcongress.com. We really need you in this race, and we will do everything we can to earn your support and confidence.

~Heidi Thiess
E-Campaign Director & Staff