Who Is Ilario Pantano?

Who is Ilario Pantano?

Ilario Pantano is a respected combat veteran, and best-selling author who has worked in both global markets and small business. The “born again Southerner” is a 40 year-old conservative committed to promoting job creation and revitalizing the economy, protecting the homeland and preserving our conservative values. Ilario fought in Desert Storm and then ten years later, re-enlisted in the Marines after witnessing the attacks of September 11. Ilario's first book, “WARLORD: Broken By War. Saved By Grace.” was re-released by Simon & Schuster on Dec. 1. and Ilario’s second book on Southern military traditions and politics will be published in 2012.

Ilario was the 2010 GOP nominee for the 7th Congressional District and he is running again under the new district lines in 2012.  In 2010, Ilario's campaign raised over $1.2 million, more than any other Republican Congressional candidate, incumbent or challenger in North Carolina.  Ilario came very close to pulling off the upset of the year in 2010, pulling by far more votes against 16 year incumbent Mike McIntyre than any previous candidate.

Ilario and his wife Jill are raising their two boys in Wilmington North Carolina where the Pantanos have strong roots.  Ilario is very active in the local community  in Wilmington and across Southeastern North Carolina working with his boys' scout troop, supporting veterans organizations, volunteering in the community, and attending Grace Baptist Church.